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  • Excellent Pass Rate!
  • Theory tuition - support and advice!
  • Door-to-door service, Islandwide!
  • Daytime, evening and weekend lessons available - 7 days a week!
  • Flexible courses tailored to suit individual needs!
  • Driver CPC Training
  • Trailer Training
  • LGV/HGV Driver Training

Bay parking problems? Not with Wheeler's!


Wheelers School of Motoring

Your driving instructor, Paul Wheeler, will be pleased to teach you to drive and looks forward to meeting you when you are ready to begin!

Your tuition vehicle is a brand new Ford, fitted with dual controls and air conditioning. These cars are great fun and very safe to drive. Fords are among the best types of vehicles suitable for driving schools, currently available



About Your Instructor

Paul Wheeler is married to Mandy and has three children (all of them driving!). An Islander, he has lived on the Isle of Wight all of his life and believes it to be one of the finest places in the World!

Paul has been involved in education and teaching for over 20 years and has extensive experience of the driving industry. He is thoroughly reliable, professional and friendly and is committed to making your driving lessons an enjoyable and rewarding experience!

Paul has taught in adult education and schools and his wide experience of teaching people from a variety of backgrounds and differing abilities will ensure that your driving lessons are enjoyable, providing you with a thorough training to make you a safe driver for life!

In addition, Paul holds vocational driving licences for all groups of lorries, including articulated lorries, buses and coaches. He still drives coaches regularly as a hobby, when he gets the time and this ensures that he maintains his high standard of professional driving skills.


  • Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor (Car)
  • BA Honours Degree in Education
  • Certificate in Education.
  • Further Education Teacher’s Certificate.
  • Approved Trainer for Driver CPC (Get qualified - Stay qualified!)

Driving Licence categories held:

  • A - Motorcycle
  • B - Car
  • B+E - Car with Trailer
  • C - Lorry
  • C+E - Articulated Lorry
  • D - Bus & Coach
  • D+E - Bus or Coach with trailer/Articulated ‘bendy’ bus


  • Driving Lessons
  • Flexible, driving courses tailored to individual needs
  • Semi-intensive driving courses
  • Intensive driving courses (Subject to availability)
  • Theory test training and advice
  • Pass Plus courses
  • Refresher courses
  • Motorway training
  • Trailer Training
  • LGV/HGV Driver Training

Seaview Services Coach

Driver CPC training on the Isle of Wight for lorry, bus and coach drivers…

Our aim is to provide a highly effective service at competitive prices, delivering quality training conveniently situated on the Isle of Wight!

A & MA Robinson, Seaview Services Ltd is the first company on the Isle of Wight to be registered as an approved training provider for the Driver CPC. We can provide local transport operators with convenient and cost effective Driver CPC training. As we are in the transport business ourselves, we have access to the latest equipment. We understand the latest regulations and the practicalities of implementing them.

We have been approved by the JAUPT to deliver industry standard Driver CPC Periodic Training to both LGV and PCV drivers! We are the first JAUPT fully approved Driver CPC Centre on the Isle of Wight! We have our own premises on the Island from which to deliver high quality Driver CPC training to your employees in a cost effective and professional manner! Our Driver CPC Periodic Training Modules have been designed and tested with our industry in mind; they will be delivered by our experienced Training Manager, Paul Wheeler from our dedicated training suite at Seafield Garage, Sandown, Isle of Wight.

Paul has been involved in education and training for a number of years. A fully qualified Driving Standards Agency driving instructor and teacher, with experience of working in adult education, Paul holds full licences for groups C, C+E and D, D+E (all lorries, coaches and buses).
Approved courses have been registered for both LGV and PCV drivers and new courses are being planned and registered at regular intervals. Please contact us to discuss your requirements – you will be glad you did!


Paul Wheeler (Training Manager)
Wheeler’s School of Motoring, Brookside, Plaish Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 3HU
Tel: 01983 533378
Mob: 07966 842 332
Email: paul@wheelersschoolofmotoring.co.uk

Philip Robinson (Chairman)
A & MA Robinson, Seaview Services Ltd., Unit 10, East Yar Industrial Estate, East Yar Road, Sandown, IW, PO36 9AX
Tel: 01983 407070
Email: info@seaview-services.co.uk

Seaview Services  


Trailer training (B+E)

Training and Driving Tests can be arranged on the Isle of Wight or in your local area in the Southern region.
Drivers who pass their test after 1st January 1997 are only permitted to tow small trailers behind their cars. For those drivers who wish to tow larger trailers, it is necessary to pass an additional driving test with a suitable car and trailer combination.
Drivers will need to pass an additiona
l test (B+E) if they wish to tow the following types of trailer:

  • Livestock
  • Horsebox
  • Builders’ trailers
  • Car transporters
  • Digger/mini-digger transporters
  • Boat trailer

Wheelers Trailer TrainingPaul Wheeler is registered to book Driving Standards Agency Trailer Tests in addition to HGV/LGV and PSV/PCV tests. He can provide all your training and preparation for you to pass this higher standard driving test.
The training car is easy to drive and the trailer is a tandem axle box trailer. Tandem, or twin, axle trailers are much easier to reverse than single-axle trailers.
The Trailer Test is conducted from lorry and bus test centres and the test is exactly the same as for these larger vehicles. Paul Wheeler holds both HGV Class One and PSV driving licences and has the skills to ensure that you reach test standard quickly and with the minimum of expense.

The test involves the following:

  • Reading a number plate at the start of the test
  • A few safety, show me tell me, questions
  • An off road reversing manoeuvre
  • An un-coupling and re-coupling exercise
  • An on road drive for about an hour to include assessment of controlled braking.

The reversing and un-coupling/re-coupling exercises are conducted off road at the test centre.
Following an initial assessment, Paul would be pleased to work out a personal and cost effective training programme to suit your needs and ensure you pass your test. We have access to an off-road training area for practising the reversing exercise.

For drivers who already hold a B+E licence but feel they would like a few refresher lessons, Paul would be happy to arrange this for you and will teach you in your own vehicle/trailer combination if you prefer.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

LGV/HGV Training

Lorry driver training for ALL groups of Lorries can be arranged using our own fully insured training vehicle and ALL theory and practical driving tests can be taken on the Isle of Wight!

Whether you want to drive a small horsebox or a full sized articulated lorry, Paul would be pleased to teach you and
arrange for you to take your theory and practical driving tests on the Island! Paul is a DSA Trainer Booker, which means that he is able to book your practical driving tests on your behalf. If you need to pass your Driver CPC tests, as a Driver CPC trainer, who regularly provides CPC training for professional lorry, bus and coach drivers, Paul would be pleased to train and arrange your tests for this too!
Our designated driver training vehicle is a manual Volvo lorry, which on passing the tests, enables the successful candidate to drive any sized rigid lorry in LGV groups C1 and C, (formerly HGV Class Two!). Our vehicle is a modern, easy to drive, vehicle, which is fully maintained and serviced by Stephen Peachey Ltd., of Rookley.
However, once you have passed your test in the above vehicle, or for those who already hold a group C LGV licence, you can train in our vehicle and large trailer and pass your test for a full articulated lorry licence, LGV group C+E (formerly HGV Class One!).
NB. LGV stands for Large Goods Vehicle. This is the ‘new’ name for the former HGV, which stands for Heavy Goods Vehicle.

Minibus training, group D1, can also be provided, using our 16 seat modern minibus! From time-to-time, subject to availability of the coach, it may also be possible to arrange full category PCV/PSV driver training for buses and coaches, group D.

Paul is happy to provide you with a set of provisional licence application forms and would be pleased to advise you on the full process of obtaining your provisional entitlement, which then allows you to commence your training.
Paul can provide theory tuition if required, and is able to give advice, support and tuition towards the successful passing of the required DSA Theory Tests.
Your practical driver training will take place in familiar surroundings, on the Island and the DSA LGV Driving Test Centre is based at Rookley, IW.
Paul has access to off-road training areas, allowing clients to practise their reversing and un-coupling and re-coupling skills.
Driver training will be arranged to suit individuals needs and tailored courses will be provided, either on an intensive or semi-intensive basis, to the benefit of all our customers.
Please feel welcome to telephone or email Paul to discuss your requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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